27.03.2013 - 14:00

Turkish Army is In World War II

World War II is Restarting

Slush your barrels! Sharpen your bayonets! This spring will have the heat of battles and explosions and greatest battles of history will be fought again. History will write down the names of great soldiers once more.

For this time Turkish soldiers are joining the battles of WW II. They will create their own legends with their comrades and fight the great and glorious campaigns.

Army Rage that maintains the joy of MMOFPS to thousands of players in Asia and Europe and one of the skyrocketed games of 2012, is coming to Turkiye servers in Turkish.

As a WW II themed shooter, Army Rage brings you the action and excitement of war with realistic visuals and digitally modeled real weapons, equipment and vehicles.

The game is themed around the battles between Allies and Axis forces and game maps are highly realistic and reflects the WW II atmosphere as how it really was. Ruined buildings after bombardments, endless street combats, towns that highly important to capture for the sake of war and real WW II war machines are waiting for you in Army Rage. Jump into your tank, call air or artillery support and spread fear into your enemy’s hearts!

Army rage has 4 different classes to create and live your own-style battle tactics. You can choose freely one of these classes and create a perfect battle tactic with your fellow comrades. Also there are special abilities and skills for each classes; assault, scout, engineer and support that improves with levels.

Yacuba Games and Jave9 took over the publishing Army Rage Turkiye which is using in-house visual engine of Tuyasoft. Developers engine is called Origo Engine.

Get ready to Army Rage on “Cephe Gerisi”Publisher made an unusual movement before the game launched and published a mini browser strategy game themed same as Army Rage to calm the impatient players. You can join this mini game via your facebook accounts from and you can get your rewards which will be very useful on Army Rage; if you spare a few moments daily.

Army Rage has a few weeks for Turkish campaign and you can follow every news about Army Rage Turkiye on and on social media.